Claimant Payment Programs

The Orion team leverages decades of experience managing claimant payment programs of all sizes. Our goal is to expediently process payments while ensuring the security of the transaction and claimant information.
Experienced project leadership, program design, and dedicated technology are critical to the success of claimant payment programs. Upon engagement, Orion assigns an experienced project leader to work with you to design a customized payment program and oversee its implementation. We securely onboard your data into OrionLink, transmit and process settlement offer documentation, and facilitate secure payments via e-payment, wire/ACH, or check.
Successful settlement programs demand robust client service. We leverage our resources and technology to design a service program that fits the size and scope of your settlement. A dedicated website, multi-lingual call center, and a customized attorney fee payment portal are just a few of the options Orion offers.