Qualified Settlement Fund Management

Orion leadership leverages over a decade of §1.468(B) Qualified Settlement Fund management experience and 30 years of institutional investment management experience. Our partners have managed several benchmark settlements over the past decade and have been engaged to manage more than $9 billion since 2020.

The Orion Advantage:
Orion utilizes an active approach to structure our QSFs to meet specific settlement related criteria. Our proprietary account structure and process limits risk while seeking earnings to offset or eliminate settlement-related administrative expenses. We utilize custody accounts with no bank balance sheet exposure to hold conservative government-guaranteed securities and money market instruments.

OrionBank / Other Administrator
Structure:Custody accountBank deposit or escrow account
Risk:No bank balance sheet riskBank balance sheet exposure above FDIC limits
Diversification & LiquidityDiversified portfolio of highly liquid US Government guaranteed bonds and money market securitiesConcentrated bank exposure and liquidity in size can be challenging
Earnings Potential:HigherLower
Cost:Low - designed to be accretiveBank – Low
Administrator – Higher

Orion’s unique account and pricing structure is designed to accommodate settlements of any size with higher earnings potential, accessible liquidity, and lower risk concentration than bank deposit accounts.